Come One, Come All!

Flathead Valley Community College’s Entrepreneurship Center and ImagineIF Libraries have joined forces to bring Montana its first Maker Faire.  The Kalispell Mini Maker Faire is a free event scheduled for Feb. 22 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in FVCC’s Arts and Technology Building.

Maker Faire is a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness.  It’s an event where people show what they have made and share what they learned in the process.  The Kalispell Mini Maker Faire will feature more than 30 local makers, including several “how to” stations.  In addition, five informative presentations are scheduled during the day.

Our Presenters

3D Printing:  Imagine It, You Can Make It!
- Learn about the exciting possibilities of 3D printing technology from Bill Nicholson, operations manager of inDimension3.

The Perfect Brew
- Maker Karen Witt of the Flathead Valley Homebrewing Association shares tips for making great home brewed beer and wine.

Holistic Living:  Sustainability through Permaculture 
- Permaculturist Kelly Ware is growing food in chilly Northwest Montana without the use of poisonous chemicals and with little impact on the land.

It’s Magic!  Producing Energy from Waste
- Learn how Maker Robin Kelson’s company Algae AquaCulture Technology is reformatting “waste” biomass into high-value, organic, agricultural and industrial products.

How to “Make” a Great Story
- Author and storyteller Roland Cheek breaks down the art of telling a good story.

Our Makers

Arduino Trainer – Maker Tyler Godbold demonstrates an electronics trainer he created as a troubleshooting tool.

Blues Hardware – Maker Tom Sheehy displays unique musical instruments he has made.

Boedie Cycles – Maker Chris Boedeker fabricates custom bicycle frames and bicycles.

Do-It-Yourself CNC Router Machine – Maker John Roberts shows how to build a CNC router machine.

Don’s Frames & Carole’s Stitches – Makers Don and Carole Lewis demonstrate their folksy crafts.

How to Make Your Own Hand Drum – Maker Laurel Emert shows how to make… and play a hand drum.

Hanged Man Enterprises – Maker Chad Eaton displays unique furniture and other items he has made.

Honey & Bees – Maker Gordon Kron educates us about the fascinating lives of bees and the multiple uses of honey.

How to Make Cordage – Maker Will Richards shows how to make durable cordage from dried grass.

International Model – Maker Scott Burch displays his handmade model of the historic International boat.

Kids Flying Machine – Makers from ImagineIF Library lead this fun hands-on activity for kids.

Made Right Stove Co. – Maker James McCollam displays his handmade wood stoves with unique features.

Mask Making – Maker Kris DeMeester demonstrates how to make a Venetian mask out of leather.

Mongolian Yurt – Maker Ruth Lane demonstrates felting techniques used in the construction of her yurt.

Montana Rail Power – Maker Steve Horvath shows how to wire a model train.

Octocopter with Movi – Maker Matt Ragan operates multirotor copters with live video feed.

Pipescapes – Maker Robert Seymour displays his one-of-a-kind metal sculptures fabricated from recycled brass and copper plumbing parts.

Printbot XL with Raspberry Pi – Maker Alan McNeil prints small smarts on his portable 3D printer.

Propelled Objects – Makers Eric and Andrew Smith demonstrate their ballista and android controlled pneumatic cannon.

1776-1890 Reenactment Clothing – Maker Joy Cloninger fabricates historic costumes.

Repurposing Containers – Maker Laurette Kirchoff teaches how to give new life to ordinary household containers.

SHure Foot Plant Support System – Maker Kay Lynn Hertlein displays her invention and shares practical tips for plant care.

Ski Vise, Tuning & Junk Boards… Oh, My! – Maker Warren Lane shows how to repurpose an old snow board and demonstrates proper ski waxing techniques.

Wireless Robot Programmed in Scratch – Maker Gordon Sheldon demonstrates  how to move a robot by moving blocks on a computer screen.

.22 Shell Jewelry – Maker Rachel Cloninger gives new life to spent .22 shells.

3D Printer and CNC – Maker Ken Williamson demonstrates how to use a 3D printer.

How to Carve an Arrowhead – Maker Sean McQueen teaches how to carve arrowheads from obsidian.

Ultra-Sonic Arduino Bot – Maker Troy Smith demonstrates how his robot uses ultrasonic distance sensors to avoid collisions.

Cigar Box Guitar & Other Instruments – Maker Jeremy Ashby puts a song in our step with his unusual musical instruments.

ImagineIF Libraries – Come get your new library card!  And have some silly pictures taken while you’re at it.

FVCC Entrepreneurship Center – Interesting in making a business?  Come talk with FVCC’s Entrepreneurship Coordinator.